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All hand-drawn artwork by Nick Falkner contact him at Nick@mattcuster.com
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    To tell you a little about myself I was born on September 19, 1985 in Corona, CA and lived there happily for about three short months. I then moved to Reno, NV and lived there for around 4-5 years, when I finally had a change for the better and moved to San Antonio, TX. I had only lived there nine months and we had to move back to Reno, I have now lived in Reno for about 14 years total of my entire life, (pretty dull huh?), I finally decided to create my own website so all of you fantastic people could see my life story and read all of my latest writings. On my web page I have made a "City" which is based on TSR related products all names etc. are copyrighted by them under law. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to read on my website and sign my guest book, I am very grateful, and without any further delay I give you my website! You are the Hit Counter person to visit my site! If you have any questions or comments please E-Mail me at Matt@MattCuster.com or post a message on the guest book of souls. If you would like any of your stories\poems\songs\epics put on my website please send them to me at Matt@mattcuster.com with the subject line as the title of your piece. I will put your copyright information on the page that you are given and an E-mail with the necessary information.

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